Community & Sense of Place

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We take care of the area like it’s our home — because it is.

We live here, have children in school here, and are the largest employer in town with a staff of 35.

Based in coastal town of Ullapool, Wester Ross Fisheries is owner-operated by life-long members of the community. And because we are an indepently owned farm, the value we build in our fish is value we build for the local economy.

Our personal commitment to the area extends into a business commitment. 

Hugh's retirement party, summer 2016, Ullapool Golf Club

Hugh's retirement party, summer 2016, Ullapool Golf Club

We source as much as possible locally, and support the local schools, including bringing kids out to the farm and engaging with them in home economics so they know how to cook and enjoy the food of the area. We have an open-door policy for local community members and area businesses, such as fishing lodges who have interests in the same waters we do.

Farm employs former commercial fishermen who can no longer make a living on the herring vessels.

Wester Ross has strong historical ties to America. It was one of the main departure points for immigrants heading to North America during the Highland Clearences.