polar bears


Hamish running in his enclosure at the Highland Wildlife Park.jpg

We’re thrilled to announce that Victoria, the UK’s only female polar bear, has given birth at the Highland Wildlife Park! This is the first time a polar bear cub has been born in the UK for a quarter of a century. To find out more, simply click here.

Here, baby polar bear Hamish takes his first steps in the outdoor enclosure under a watchful eye of his mum Victoria. To find out more about what is Hamish up to, simply follow Highland Wildlife Park Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or have a look at their website.

There were more than 36,000 votes with more than 21,700 for Hamish. The other options were Poulsen, MacKinnon and Artor.

Highland Wildlife Park staff said Hamish was “a strong Scottish name, ideal for a polar bear born in the Highlands”.

Hamish is enjoying getting out and about with his mum Victoria and learning to swim.

Head keeper Una is here to give you the latest news.