Highland Blue: a Wester Ross selection

Salmon farming is always a seasonal business with fluctuations in sizing and availability. To continue to make a high-quality and well-raised salmon available for our customers even when our own Wester Ross salmon are not available, we have started sourcing from a select group of Scottish farms and offering that fish under our Highland Blue label. All Wester Ross salmon and Highland Blue salmon are tagged with their respective labels, so you'll always know which fish you have.

Always Sashimi Grade

All Highland Blue Salmon have been hand selected and hand filleted to ensure that each whole fish and fillet meets our — and your — exacting quality standards.

Always from Scotland

To satisfy year-round demand, Highland Blue salmon are sourced exclusively from Scottish farms by the salmon experts at Wester Ross. The Scottish salmon farming industry is the most strictly regulated aquaculture industry in the world, and Scotland has some of the best waters anywhere for raising healthy, robust Atlantic salmon.

Always Freedom Food

All salmon sold under the Highland Blue label are RSPCA Assured certified (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). RSPCA Assured is a well-established and respected program that ensures healthy and humane conditions for farm animals.



• Low Stocking Density

• No Antibiotics

• No Growth Promoters

• Humane Slaughter


• Freedom from thirst, hunger & malnutrition

• Freedom from discomfort, pain, injury or disease

• Freedom to express normal behavior

• Freedom from fear & distress


Whole fish: sizes ranging from 2-10 kg (4-22 lbs)

Fillet: 1-3 kg (2-6 lbs), trims to suit your requirements

Portions: sizing to suit your requirements


Shipments are made twice per week, year-round, and more frequently if required.

Download the sales sheet.