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Mac&Wild restaurant, London

Mac&Wild restaurant, London

Wester Ross salmon can be found at top restaurants around the world.

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Wester Ross salmon at Johnny's Tavern, USA “We recently switched our salmon over to Wester Ross Fisheries. This proactive company is producing salmon in a more responsible and sustainable fashion.  On top of that, their salmon has brighter color and deeper flavors than what we have experienced with other companies. Hand rearing, low FIFO ratings, under crowded pens, and attention to local habitats have made this company an all-star in our eyes.  For the fall we will be serving it with a honey soy glaze, zucchini noodles, and mushroom vegetable broth.”

— Chef Bryan Graham, Johnny's Tavern in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA


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Restaurant & Retail Locations in the UK

Restaurant & Retail Locations in the USA

Online retail orders within the UK can be made at the Real Scottish Salmon Shop.