salmon on the beach

All Wester Ross whole fish and fillets are tagged — each with a unique, sequential number.

If a fillet is processed at the distributor, it should have half of the tag with each fillet.

This tag ensures that your purchase adheres to the rigorous husbandry, environmental and community commitments that Wester Ross is known for.

Part of our commitment to traceability is a commitment to transparency.

If you feel that you have purchased a salmon that has been misrepresented as Wester Ross, contact us. Our staff will be happy to check our regularly-updated tagging records with harvest dates and tag numbers and make sure that the salmon you purchased came with an authentic Wester Ross tag.

Additionally, our farms and fish are certified by several third-party standards, including:

  • RSPCA Assured
  • Kosher Certified
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management Standards
  • Scottish Industry Code of Good Practices