Founded in 1977, Wester Ross Fisheries is the oldest independent, owner-operated salmon farm in Scotland.

Being independent means farming how we think best:

  • In harmony with the natural environment
  • Reducing pressure on wild fish through innovative fish feed
  • Giving the fish room to grow up healthy without antibiotics
  • Championing the welfare of the salmon above all else

Our salmon are entirely hand reared, which means that our experiences farmers — no machines or cameras — are on the water every day to feed and observe the salmon.

Our salmon are certified by a rigorous animal welfare standard, RSPCA Assured.

Additionally, the salmon are Kosher Certified, and our farms meets ISO14001 environmental management standards and holds the endorsement from the Scottish Industry Code of Good Practices.

This level of care adds up to a great salmon you can be proud to serve and proud to call by name.

We’ve also made a traceable commitment to you. Every Wester Ross whole fish and fillets is tagged as coming from our farm.

Please have a look around our web site. There’s plenty more to see, and special resources for chefs and retailers.

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