Premium Quality <br> & Exceptional Taste

Premium Quality
& Exceptional Taste

Combined generations of farming knowledge and experience, produce the exceptional husbandry and welfare that is the hallmark of Wester Ross Salmon. Our time honoured, traditional rearing practices result in the premium, artisan salmon upon which our reputation is founded.

We are RSPCA assured with a marine biologist on site and our salmon thrive on a high quality and sustainable fishmeal, developed specifically for Wester Ross. We use no antibiotics, growth promoters or GMOs. Our farms are medicine-free and with very low stocking densities (99% water, 1% fish) and a minimal handling at sea policy, we ensure a slowly grown and naturally healthy fish; time after time.


With 5 sea water farm sites we are able to
offer a year round continuity of supply.  
Even so, fluctuations in sizing and availability,
coupled with fallow periods for optimum
management, and the often exceptional
demand for our Wester Ross salmon means
that sometimes we need additional supply.

When this happens, we source from a
selected group of Scottish farms and
offer a premium, well-reared salmon
under our Highland Blue label.

Wester Ross and Highland Blue
are tagged differently, so you'll always
know which salmon you have.